I’ve had a partial set of AK’s new metal paints for a while but with the arrival of the 2 latest colours, blue and purple, I was eager to see how they perform.

You can judge for yourself in the pictures below, I found that the paints went on well with a .35 needle  at 18psi to 20 psi. I tried the Polished Aluminum on top of a matt black primer which turned out to be a bit of a wast of time as the result just looked dull silver. I over-coated the Aluminum with Purple and got a very weak purple colour. Best results were obtained applying the colours in light even coats over AK’a Black Base to slowly build up the depth of colour, the paint self levels and dries quickly. The downside is AK’s cleaner, it has a strong odor and even with the paint booth fan on after cleaning the airbrush the odor could be smelt in the room, also I think if I was working on a large piece then I would definitely wear a respirator!

A really good product but I will stick with Vallejo’s new metallics and only use AK’s on ‘special’ jobs.

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