Fresh built – no instructions
 photo IMG_20170127_172853_zpspddlht9o.jpg
Primed in Vallejo dark green primer
 photo IMG_20170128_151729_zpsf94cipxr.jpg
Masked the roof and airbrushed the building with Vallejo Model Air ‘Concrete’
 photo IMG_20170128_155858_zpskd3hqpqh.jpg
Removed the masking and left overnight
 photo IMG_20170128_164453_zpss5fmqdmo.jpg
Applied a coat of Flory Light Wash, left to dry and ‘streaked’ with a damp brush 
 photo IMG_20170128_173025_zpsjdqng7ht.jpg
 photo IMG_20170128_173042_zpsodtek2ix.jpg
 photo IMG_20170128_173052_zps11jcaxeb.jpg
The completed (for now) building
 photo IMG_20170129_160041_zpss0ynhjrw.jpg
 photo IMG_20170129_160051_zpsx9iayex9.jpg
 photo IMG_20170129_160100_zpshfi5ut0q.jpg