Update on the previous post, once again the Germans withdrew, this time it was my fault! The remaining US Sherman advanced with infantry support and I saw the chance of moving the Panzer IV forward in the German phase and interrupting the following US phase and managed to destroy the Sherman! Unfortunately to get line of site I moved the Panzer IV a little too far and left the side of the tank open to a shot from the infantry Bazooka! One Panzer IV up in flames! As the Yanks still had a rifle section and a machine gun section to deploy the remaining German troops were hopelessly outnumbered and withdrew!

Another great game and the US Armoured Rifle Platoon can really kick ass! They don’t have as many command dice (5) as the British Airborne (6) but they are a really well balanced force with lots of fire-power.

I have reset the table see pic. below and plan to play out a similar scenario (US force advancing).

For the new year I would like to put together a campaign using the TFL At the Sharp End Campaign Handbook.


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