It’s been a while and I’ve lots of stuff ongoing, on the Gaming front I’m back playing ‘Band of Heroes’ and enjoying it even more having just watched all of ‘Band of Brothers’ over 4 days! The game system is fantastic and really DOES deliver a ‘cinematic’ feel rather than just talking about it as lots of other game systems seem to do.

Having unintentionally re-designed a number of T-Shirts with paint splatter I decided to get an apron:-

Since getting it I haven’t splattered any paint!

A couple of completed figures from a ‘Dad’s Army’ set that Rob bought me:-

I have received from ‘Sally 4th‘ more storage boxes also the final elements to complete a castle in 10mm for my ‘Empire’ campaign:-

I completed a German Heavy walker and have two US walkers (from Clockwork Goblin)  in progress:-

I have primed  a 15mm company of Soviet WW2 infantry in greatcoats from Peter Pig:-

and have made a little progress on a UK WW2 Para head:-

I have another ‘Band of Heroes’ game on the table and would like to complete the 2 US walkers before starting a larger model build – not sure what one yet!



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