This was one of 5 kits I bought that worked out at less than 7 pounds each delivered just to have some cheap simple kits to build when I just wanted ‘build something’.
This is a Hobby Boss 1/72 kit, no.87249

As you can see there is not a lot of plastic but what there is looks quite cool, each sprue is individually bagged with the clear sprue being extra wrapped, so a good start there!
Very little flash with the details being very crisp and the part fit was brilliant, so a quick build!
This build was done ‘away from base’ ie not at home. Basic tools were cutters, blade and a set of Flory sanders, for paints I used Vallejo primer, Metalic and Varnish but the colours are my old set of Citadel paints that I ‘re invigorated’ before we left on our summer of wandering 🙂

The pictures aren’t the best, sorry for that but they do give a fair view of a nice little kit! The paint job didn’t come too badly considering I did all the airbrushing standing outside on a balcony!

The clear parts are crystal clear the decals are very good but I couldn’t get the nose decals to join up completely so I used them as a guide and painted in the red – Citadel Red Gore!

A nice quick build and paint job, in all about 10 hours.


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