This is where we left off in step #1

It’s worth noting that I haven’t fitted any of the fuselage windows that should have been fitted prior to the two halve being glued together, I’ll tackle the windows once the build and painting are complete.

The wing interior and main gear wells were primed in black then the wing interiors were given a coat of AK cockpit interior and an interior wash.

Black detailing applied to the main well.

Gear Well frames assembled.

Prior to gluing the wings in place each wing was dry fitted to ensure fit and it was found that the area around the wheel wells was too tight and needed some sanding to ensure an accurate fit.

Upper wing surfaces were positioned and clamped into place prior to applying the glue – Tamiya Extra Thin – allowing capillary action to spread the glue.

The lower wing surfaces were then clamped into position and glued.

The fit between the wing root and the fuselage is exceptional although the leading edges needed a small amount of filling.

The tail-plane assembly was straightforward

as was fitting to the fuselage

Thats the ‘big’ part of the build done the next part will be the engine nacelles.


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