Having just completed the first elements of a 6mm Epic Ork army I decided that the old gargant I had in my collection should have a makeover, here’s why:-
 photo IMG_20170607_105020_zpsx7gunksp.jpg

Bit one dimensional really, the model had been primed black and dry brushed many moons ago so rather than strip the model and start again (my original plan) I went straight in with a coat of AK’s aluminium:-
 photo IMG_20170607_151242_zpsdwb4o7c9.jpg

As you can see that gave a nice smooth metallic undercoat, I then airbrushed on a coat of Vallejo chipping medium followed by the main paint job, a green, two browns and red detailing:-
 photo IMG_20170607_164650_zpsxp3ltbjn.jpg

That was given about an hour to dry before I attacked it with a stiff brush and water:-
 photo photo_1496844123663_zpsggnqvacs.jpg

I sealed the surface with a water based varnish and once that was dry applied some decals and an enamel light tan filter wash, once that was dry I added some more details and finished with a clear gloss lacquer coat applied from a distance to make it less glossy.
 photo IMG_20170610_172817_zpsgjws0mre.jpg
 photo IMG_20170610_172719_zpspe9cqkzk.jpg

Job Done 🙂