Summer is well and truly here, the first of our visitors have been and gone and we are settling in our house-sitters before we leave for Athens and Sofia. Over the next 3 months there will be little chance for serious ‘hobby’, so for me this summer (as last) is mainly a time for planning…

A workbench upgrade is planned, I want to increase the depth of the bench and add a back if possible, re-position the desk lamps and turn two of the large drawers into cupboards. I already have a new daylight lamp and a new Dremel 4000 and one of the drawers is done.

On the hobby front the partially build Lancaster sits in the cabinet waiting for October! I have a couple of packs of ACW 6mm dismounted cavalry and a pack of wagons from Baccus6mm  awaiting painting for some Sharp Practice 2 games. I also have two GHQ unit packs, Italian and Commonwealth from Magister Militum for some 6mm Chain of Command action awaiting painting!

Last but not least I have a copy of “Charlie Don’t Surf” from Toofatlardies as I can feel 6mm Vietnam War action beckoning in the distance 😀

During the summer any ‘odd days’ that we are at home and without visitors I plan to resize two of my gaming 4’x3′ tables to 3’x2′ and make some trestles for them (I hope!)