After a break of more than 3 months I’m finally back to Scale Modelling with the Ma.K. Hummel from Wave!

I purchased the kit at the end of last year, I liked the look of it, a very spidery drone. To my surprise when the kit arrived it contained extra parts! enough to create a cockpit with a large canopy and a pilot figure and it was with the cockpit that I decided to build it. I made a start about 4 months ago on the cockpit and pilot figure but work was suspended due to holidays and a 2 month relocation. Upon our return I decided not to go with the cockpit option but to build it as a pilotless drone!

I added some scratch built air intake details and the build didn’t take long, the camo was sprayed freehand but I had a slight problem with the varnish, part way through I had a little spattering so I blew the airbrush through at 60psi, cleared, unfortunately I failed to lower the pressure all the way and ending up blowing too much air! that left some of the areas a little rough, I sanded and hand re-varnished the worst patches but I can’t use the clay based weathering that I had planned 🙁 so it’s back to enamel 🙂

More pics when I’ve completed the weathering.

After a conversation with Rob, who pointed out that I hadn’t actually posted any more pictures here, I set about finding the final pictures that I had taken, they were unfortunately out of focus – the reason I hadn’t used them!

So after a quick photo-shoot here are the final pix!

Back in the early 1970’s not s,ure of the exact year I built Italeri’s Elelpant tank destroyer kit and its the only kit that has stayed with me since those early heady days of enamel paints and thinners. I like the model and I decided to build another, more recent offering (the Italeri kit dates from the late 1960’s). So I ordered Dragon’s offering that is supposed to be a superior kit, unfortunately my purchase seemed to have don under the international postal steamroller (see the pics at the end of the kit stash post)

It was not and easy build even after surgery the repair the postal damage the lower chassis was still twisted and required TWO large braces the enable me to put the thing together. I still need to weather the model but here it it so far:

Once I got the basic paint job done the older Italeri kit just looked plain dirty, even after a careful clean so, after a light coat of Mig’s Dunkelgleb Dark Base, some camo and a little detailing, here’s what the older model looks like now:-

Still need to weather both of them.