I generally don’t use a mask while airbrushing (see AK post) but I do own a respirator:-

I use it while working with my chain saw or brush cutter outside, it not only stops particulates (dust etc), it also stops vapors, and is very good at it! The straps support the weight of the mask and its quite comfortable, a key point is that it vents your out breath efficiently, preventing the build up of heat and water vapor from within the mask. I wear glasses and it’s the only model I’ve tried that doesn’t fog them when you breath out.  Check out the Force 8 Half Mask at Airbrushes.com

Oh, one other neat thing is that as you breath, you sound faintly like Darth Vader! 😉

I’ve had a partial set of AK’s new metal paints for a while but with the arrival of the 2 latest colours, blue and purple, I was eager to see how they perform.

You can judge for yourself in the pictures below, I found that the paints went on well with a .35 needle  at 18psi to 20 psi. I tried the Polished Aluminum on top of a matt black primer which turned out to be a bit of a wast of time as the result just looked dull silver. I over-coated the Aluminum with Purple and got a very weak purple colour. Best results were obtained applying the colours in light even coats over AK’a Black Base to slowly build up the depth of colour, the paint self levels and dries quickly. The downside is AK’s cleaner, it has a strong odor and even with the paint booth fan on after cleaning the airbrush the odor could be smelt in the room, also I think if I was working on a large piece then I would definitely wear a respirator!

A really good product but I will stick with Vallejo’s new metallics and only use AK’s on ‘special’ jobs.

Following Rob’s revelation of his outstanding projects I was going to list all of the projects that I have, but will never get round to doing, but I thought the list would be too long and depressing! So here in no particular order is my Kit Stash instead!

1/12 Mercury capsule and escape tower, had this kit for about 6 years! In the past I’ve done the Mercury in a number of scales but none this big!

1/48 Lunar Module, again had this kit for about 6 years and have done it in a few scales, just wanted a more modern pressing for my collection

Ma.k Camel, this will complete a trio of Ma.k kits with added figures to make a workshop diorama (sometime)

1/35 M3A3 Bradly, just liked the look of this really, looking forward to putting it together.

1/48 Spitfire from Eduard, last Spit I did was an Airfix 1/24 40+ years ago, this one has tons more details, again can’t wait to put it together.

1/32 Komet from Meng, have done this in the past in a number of scales!

1/35 AFV from Meng, who wouldn’t want to build a kit called ‘Terminator’?

Gemini Titan from Realspace Models, Resin, plastic tube, bits of wire and metal, box contents could be mistaken for a ‘spares’ box, going to be hard to produce a good model, but I’ll give it a go.

1/48 HE 162 from Tamiya, never done this subject before, but it will fit in with the other German aircraft I have.

The interior for the M3A3, don’t know what I was thinking making the M3A3 build this complex, this will need a lot of thought.

German Sniper in 90mm from Andrea, if I can get this right then it will look stunning.

1/48 Phantom F4 from Eduard a re-boxed Academy kit with all the Eduard upgrades, this is the Navy/Marine version that has always had a spot in my heart, a must for my collection anyway.

HO229 in 1/35 from Zoukei-Mura, insane detail, large kit, not quite sure where to put it when completed, what more can I say?

On the workbench is a 1/144 Space Shuttle and boosters, again I’ve had this kit for about 6 years but some of the molds date back to the 70’s so it’s a lot of work smoothing join lines, but then again that’s what filler is for  😉

also on the bench is a 1/35 Elefant from Dragon, this one is an uphill struggle as I was under a bit of a handicap before I started the kit:-

The bottom had a twist that was not corrected by the repair and has had to be braced:-

I did get a set of metal tracks in compensation though 🙂