Almost 3 weeks into our summer relocation and about 6 weeks since I did any meaningful hobby!

So… I’ve been chipping away at my Project ‘Blucher’ – the re-basing of my approximately 3000 6mm Napoleonic figures. I have removed all of the French figures from their bases, fortunately in the original project I had settled on white glue to affix the figures so most came away easily.

I had originally based the figures on 30mm x 60mm bases and then attached an id strip to the rear edge:-









Having got a copy of Sam Mustafa’s Blucher and trying it out I decided on the rebase to Blucher’s base size of 60mm x 90mm.

I started with the French and ave settled on the following layout for the infantry:-










The strip along the back will have a magnetic strip to hold a variety of different unit ID’s and stats, the French figures will be arrayed in two blocks with the command base in the center, the space in front will be used for terrain details and skirmishers.

Unfortunately although I packed all my painted 6mm Naps I left the unpainted at home 😀 I wont know if I need to order any more French figures for a couple of weeks when we have a short trip home!

I just need to clean the figure strips and start the gluing process.