More progress on the Falke, paint job has been ‘distressed’, all the small detail parts have been added, final painted details have been added as have the decals!

I’ve tried out some of Mig Jimenez’s Filter products and wanted to give the Falke a similar finish but I don’t have the correct shade on hand! So all work will stop until the ‘Grey for White’ filter arrives. Once that is done all thats left to do is to weather the craft.

So I have time to complete the figures now!

After priming the Falke with mid grey I airbrushed a coat of varnish followed by a coat of Vallejo Chipping Medium, once that had dried I airbrushed the final colour:-


















I’ve been practicing the chipping technique on an old auto body:-









Just need to touch-up the bleed from the blue band then I’ll start chipping!

Having just received Blücher from Sam Mustafa games I dived right into the Introductory Scenario that’s available to download fro his website ‘Along the Danube’. The scenario pits two balanced forces against each other, French vs Austrians and is an ideal starting point the get to grips with the system.

Blücher, from the Honour series of games from Sam Mustafa comes in a 176 page full colour hard back book with the basic game clearly outlined in the first 76 pages with approx. 20 pages of advanced rules following. The rest of the book is given over to a section on army lists for those who wish to play points based scenarios and a section on creating ‘Historical scenarios’. Also included is a campaign system and the usual rules summary sheets a FAQ (a must read!) and an index of Frequently used terms.

So how does it play? Quick and easy, the rules summary sheets (Gneisenau play aids) show page numbers if you need to refer to the book but after a few turns most of what you need should have been absorbed!

The game generates a good ‘feel’ of Napoleonic warfare (in my opinion), the momentum system may limit the amount of units you can activate each turn so careful thought needs to be given to the order of activations.

In short it’s exactly the sort of game I like, here’s a shot of the final table layout and a quick narrative of the game:-

BlucherDemoGameDeployment was, French I corps on the right (bottom of the picture), II corp in the center, III corp on the right with the Reserve Cavalry in reserve. Austrians Reserve korps on the french right, II korps in the center and the I korps facing the french left.

I play solo so I put together a small FreeBasic program to generate and monitor Momentum.

The Austrians decided that as they had a strong defencive position they would stay put and let the French do most of the attacking!

The French kicked off by advancing all along the line although the French right lagged behind (momentum!)

The Austrians started the bloodletting from long range with cannon and skirmish fire as most of the French units were on the move they were unable to return fire.

The French  charged into the Austrian center and extreme right only the be repulsed with casualties, it would seem that the Austrians were not to be just ‘swept from the field’ as the Empereur had decreed!

As the center and left reorganised focus shifted to the french right where the I corps acting in a perfect combined arms attack and forced the Austrians back, only to be thrown back across the stream later in the morning by a well timed Austrian counter attack!

Meanwhile the French center and right hit the Austrians with a heavy artillery bombardment while peppering the line with skirmish fire!

The Austrian extreme right buckled under a combined infantry/cavalry charge and the Austrian line was open to being outflanked!

Time for the Austrians to reorganize, units on the right successfully pulled back and reformed the line but the center was unable to reorganise leaving weakened units in the front line.

Flushed with success and seeing a weakened center the French once again launched furious charges that gravley weakened the Austrian morale, French victory looked assured!

The Austrian situation was desperate but had the french overreached? Most of the French units now facing the Austrians were weakened, if only the Austrians could launch some counter attacks all may not be lost. The Austrian left was safe and a fresh unit of reserve cavalry was moved down to support the counter attack in the center, enough units were mobilised on the right to hit back with the combined result that the french lost enough units to bring their army moral down to the same level as the Austrians!

Game time was just after midday fighting had been going on all morning and both armies were close to exhaustion but the French still had 5 units of reserve cavalry that were fresh, time for ‘one more push’.

Austrian morale collapsed giving the game to the French.

A really close and enjoyable game and a great way to learn the system! Next will be the battle for Quatre Bras as downloaded from the Honour forums. 😀


Mostly ‘bits’ done recently, two more ground crew for the Falke build were assembled and primed, I’m just doing final filling on those and they will be ready for painting. That makes three 1/20 figures on the go. Also started was another 35mm ‘Starship Officer’ figure, photo’s of that together with the other two I’ve already completed later this year.

Progress so far on the Falke, all the major sub assemblies are complete and have been married to the two halve of the vehicle:-

Falke039 Falke040 Falke041











I’ve filled the join between to two body halves and I’m currently attaching details to the body. Next will be a major masking job prior to a thin primer coat to check the filled lines.

Not much on the wargaming front, I’m preparing to fight Ligne & Quatre Bras from Le Retour de l’Empereur, I’ve played through Quatre Bras already just to get a feel for the system and was very pleased, looking forward to the two battles on one table.

The only other development on the wargaming front was the arrival of Sam Mustafa’s ‘Blucher’, this is the first of Sam’s games that I have bought although I have followed and admired his work for some time. I’m looking forward to playing the sample scenario as soon as I can. I play solo so I’ve put together a simple program to manage the ‘momentum’ – activation points in other games, in Blucher 3d6 are thrown and totalled to generate the points, but the dice are thrown, noted and then hidden by the non-phasing player only to be revealed when the phasing player has used all available points! Job for the computer and a small basic program. I’ll let you know how I get on