Due to circumstances beyond my control I’ve played no games nor completed any projects 🙁

I have aquired a new airbrush :-

Iwata HP-BH

Iwata HP-BH







This brush has three features that I was looking for 1, it has a cap at the front end protecting the needle, I’m always wary when I hang the Badger on the rack in case I snag the protruding needle. 2. it has a preset on the needle travel, I do have problems when I’m spraying fine lines in keeping the paint flow constant as I move the brush. 3. it has a Micro Air Control valve that will make it easy to adjust the airflow without messing with the main flow valve.

I also got some more quick release fittings to allow me to set up and break down the the compressor & spray booth more quickly.

In all I’m really looking forward to giving this little beauty and outing.

I got the stuff from The Airbrush Company[GB]