Another fairly slow week hobby-wise I completed the weathering on 3 15mm Plastic Soldier Tiger tanks:-








The forth tank, at the back, was the first one I did and you can see the difference in the camo, it was done by brush while the others were done with the airbrush.

Also completed were 4 (of 5) Allied M5 Halftracks in 15mm, also from PSC, still need to base the 4 just completed:-









Finally I needed to strip the paint from a metal figure I have been working on and was not happy with, as I was out of the toxic, irritating and potentially blinding paint stripper I normally use I was forced to try something different! It worked so well I wondered how it would do on plastic figures, so I dug out a figure that Rob got as a job lot from Ebay some time ago and passed on to me, this was the result:-








I used Vallejo Airbrush Thinner, some of the paint came right off some, the red paint on the cloak was very thick, required work with a cocktail stick. The plastic didn’t seem to affected in any way and all the details are intact! Recommended.

With the disruption of Christmas, Holiday and ‘Other Stuff’ behind me I managed to get down to some serious Hobby, the first item completed was a seated Ma.K. pilot:-








I’ve also started work on a second, standing pilot from the same set, I’ve also made a start on the Ma.K. Falke, with the pilot figure who must be completed before joining the two hull halves together, the pilot seat and the thrust engine.









On the bench at this very moment, three Tiger Tanks in 15mm will complete them today.





I also have 4 Panther tanks and 4 M5 halftracks primed on the sprue waiting for assembly, with rain forecast for tomorrow and Wed. I may assemble them as a rest from painting 😉