Here is my, soon(ish) to be Rob’s, Orks:-

The full list is:-

  • Ork Battleforce
    • 20 Ork Boyz
    • 3 Ork Warbikes
    • 1 Ork Truck
  • Ork Truck
  • 2x Boxes Ork Lootas & Burnas
  • Box Killa Kans (3)
  • Ork Deff Dread
  • Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
  • Box Gretchin (11)
  • Flash Git with Targetting Squig
  • 2x boxes of assorted sprue (from 40k set?)

Just need to find a box for them to go in 😀

Two completed this week, both mechs one German one US, first the German

and US

I’m pleased with how both turned out although I spent a little more time on them than I would normally for wargaming pieces.

Started this week is the ‘Figure Set A’ from Hasegawa’s ‘ Maschinen Krieger’ range, four figures representing two mechanics and two pilots from the mercenary forces, I’ve started on the simplest and in a way the most disapointing figure in the set, the female ‘Maintenance Soldier’, she is depicted just standing, I would have preferred if she had been a little more animated. The three other figures in the set do seem to have more ‘life’

EPSON scanner image









Have received the rest of my paints in the post – All bar one – so another order placed for it and some extra stuff as well.

Also received some more of my ‘games and gears’ order, soap (not yet tried), cloths (generic cotton face cloths), synthetic brushes (tried one OK nothing to rave about) and cutters – these are the biggest disappointment, I would class them as at best average, on my set the cutting points have a small gap at the tip and the blades are almost twice as thick (high) as my old GW cutters that they were meant to replace, totally useless for cutting parts from tightly fitting sprue. To add to the frustration there was a games and gears sticker on the handle that started pealing with first use and had to be removed leaving a sticky patch that had to be removed with spirit – overall the cutters are not the precision cutting tool that I was hoping for!

Only one thing completed this week  a US Mech Walker:-

A second US mech is in progress:-

While the basic camo was completed on this German Mech:-

I primed and base coated these US Heavy Infantry:-

Nice looking figures, unfortunately these are the only 3 poses! I also primed and mounted on bases a load of German Zombies.

It’s been a while and I’ve lots of stuff ongoing, on the Gaming front I’m back playing ‘Band of Heroes’ and enjoying it even more having just watched all of ‘Band of Brothers’ over 4 days! The game system is fantastic and really DOES deliver a ‘cinematic’ feel rather than just talking about it as lots of other game systems seem to do.

Having unintentionally re-designed a number of T-Shirts with paint splatter I decided to get an apron:-

Since getting it I haven’t splattered any paint!

A couple of completed figures from a ‘Dad’s Army’ set that Rob bought me:-

I have received from ‘Sally 4th‘ more storage boxes also the final elements to complete a castle in 10mm for my ‘Empire’ campaign:-

I completed a German Heavy walker and have two US walkers (from Clockwork Goblin)  in progress:-

I have primed  a 15mm company of Soviet WW2 infantry in greatcoats from Peter Pig:-

and have made a little progress on a UK WW2 Para head:-

I have another ‘Band of Heroes’ game on the table and would like to complete the 2 US walkers before starting a larger model build – not sure what one yet!