When I was a kid there was only one thing that I was really interested in, the ‘Space Race’, I had all of the major boosters from both the United States and the Soviet Union but the most impressive, by a long way, was the mighty Saturn V Apollo Moon vehicle. I got this kit from the U.S. about 6 or 7 years ago although the kit itself is a lot older.

I would have rated the kit as easy were it not for the fact that many of the components were ill fitting and required quite a bit of filling indeed the major components of each stage were large oblong pre-printed sheets that were to be rolled into tubes and secured in that position with bars pressed through pre-cut holes, unfortunately the holes didn’t line up in either direction and a great deal of time was spent re-aligning them.

At just a few inches over four feet tall:-

and here are the stages (looks REALLY cool as a slide show:-

Here is the First Stage of the Revell Apollo Saturn V, it’s probably taken longer than it should because I have been working on pieces of the Second Stage in parallel.