1/20th scale, reminds us of the ‘Firefly’ universe!




I completed the Trireme this morning by giving the stand a coat of Rub’nBuff, old gold for most of it with the ‘cradle’ and lettering in silver.

Last week was not a good week as I decided that I hadn’t hoisted the sails high enough! So I had to partially re-rig BOTH sails, but once that was done the rest of the work went smoothly. A very nice looking model that looks good in the display cabinet.

I’ve been preparing a boardgame ready for play probably early October after I get back from Holiday, it’s Pratzen Editions ‘Le Retour de l’Empereur’. It’s a monster game of six 22″x 34″ maps and 600 counters with more than 30 scenarios. I’ve prepared the game counters and the counters for the single map Quatre Bras scenario:-

Saw this and fell in love with it! It’s and Andreas Miniature from their ‘The Third Reich, Rise & Fall’ series and is a 90mm figure:-


I’ve been spending the odd hour or so here and there working on the Trireme and have made progress on the foresail rigging. I had some issues with the instructions which have arisen, I believe, because the basic kit is used by Zvezda as both a Greek and Roman Trireme. In the instructions ropes are shown going from the foresail to the prow of the ship, on the model there are no holes in the prow to accommodate and they are not shown on the box illustrations so I have omitted them. I still have some touching in to do on most of the blocks but I’ll do that once I have the mainsail rigged. I also need to work on some of the ‘ropes’ to get them to sag correctly. Here’s the results so far:-