Feeling ‘under the weather’ today so decided to post an update!

Played another game of ‘Band of Brothers’ last week, I’m enjoying this system so much it’s such a joy to set up and play and to use a phrase that I think tends to be unfairly used to describe some games – it can get very cinematic at times! It’s my ‘go to’ game for war-gaming at the moment along with Chain of Command (played with 15mm figures).

The Trireme is still the main modelling project with the sails being completed and further painting being done on the hull and superstructure, still a lot more painting to do but happy with the progress to date.

I gave the sails a coat of grey primer followed an Ivory base coat (looks white in the picture), then I masked off the panels to remain Ivory and sprayed Red. After the masking tape was removed the spars and ropes were painted with flat earth and the Ivory and Red were touched in where necessary then the sails were given a coat of matt varnish. I’ll complete the sails once rigging starts!

Once we got back from Thessaloniki I completed a WW2 Stuka dive bomber as a gift for my friend Polychronis as he likes ‘planes:-

DSCF0167 Rather that paint it as a German aircraft I chose to depict it as a (imaginary)  captured aircraft repainted in the colours of the Hellenic Air Force (HAL).