Well again this week ‘things’ got in the way of completing more! – I had problems with my airbrush and air-hose, my braided air-hose developed a split during the session and the airbrush trigger kept sticking!

Ephreal Stern! I got this figure from Forge World when it came out, it’s about 95mm tall including plinth and was badly used for many years as a dull grey statue on the wargames table and was ‘improved’ by over-spraying with the gunk that GW put out to quickly texture buildings!

So over the last couple of weeks I must have spent about 12 hours cleaning off the gunk and paint! Once done the figure was washed in warm soapy water and left to thoroughly dry before wiping the entire figure with surgical spirit and left for 24hrs.

I chose to prime the figure in a mid grey so I mixed some Vallejo Grey Primer + Vallejo German Panzer Grey Primer + Vallejo Airbrush Thinner in almost equal proportions:-

Napoleon, This is a metal figure that pre-dates Ephreal by MANY years! It’s about 107mm tall on the plinth. I first painted this figure (mumble, mumble) years ago and was first stripped off and (started) repainting years before I got the Ephreal figure! He spent many years on the shelf in a part painted manner until I decided to re-start building and painting larger (54mm +) figures. Preparation of the figure was similar to the Ephreal figure but was a bit quicker to clean as it is metal:-

Having been on holiday things have slowed down a bit, but I have had a chance to carry on with my test piece:-

DSCF0178 DSCF0177 DSCF0176









I’m satisfied with the overall effect although the lips didn’t come out very well!

I’m going to try another 28mm figure but this time using the Andrea Flesh Paint Set, six pots of flesh tones, and see what the results will be.

I’ve also completed another 1/144 Stuka dive bomber but I’ll post pictures at a later date.

The reorganising of my workspace is ongoing with the goal of giving me more room and greater freedom on the right hand side of the table, so far so good, just waiting for some paint storage boxes to sort out all my paint pots!

With family visiting modelling and war-gaming has taken the back seat but I have managed to get some done:-

Over on Black Powder I have made a start on a New old figure and have completed a couple of projects over on WW2 .

On the boardgaming front another two new games have been added:-

Le Retour de l’Empereur, mentioned in my last update.

and Phantom Leader Deluxe.

I’ve only managed to take Phantom Leader through a sample game and it feels really good and I can’t wait to run through a campaign!

Band of Heroes as usual has been the mainstay of my gaming with the ‘Roosevelt’s Butchers’ scenario getting 2 play through’s with one victory going to each side.