With a variety of other painting jobs to do (bathroom and miscellaneous patching and painting outside) I have once again not done much Landships: Tactical Weapons arrived and looks so cool, it is on my list for winter gaming! I finally snapped and ordered a game I’ve been looking at since it’s release a few years ago Le Retour de l’Empereur, with it’s plethora of scenario’s and the campaign game it’s definitely going to cut into my Napoleonic figure gaming!

What I have completed are these four figures to (one day) compliment the Trireme 

The figures, as is the Trireme are from Zvezda pack no 8005 and are a very nice mix a full review is on Plastic Soldier Review.

Still have the Trireme as a WiP, I’m awaiting the arrival of a bottle of acrylic flow enhancer before I continue painting as I want to brush the colour on rather than spray to get the right texture to the coverage. Now normally if I’m having problems getting paint to cover well I go the diy route of mixing a tiny drop of washing up liquid with the paint but, as I have such a large amount of flat areas on the Trireme I’m reluctant to go that route!

While I’m waiting for my painting supplies I’m working on an old 6mm Epic Armageddon army, it’s been primed and has been sitting in a box for years, I’m not sure exactly why I decided to try and complete it because I’m definitely going off the idea of spending weeks or months painting up armies for a battle when the alternative is to just set up a board game!

On that subject I’ve completed a few more games  of Band of Heroes and am really looking forward to the release of Band of Heroes:Normandy later this year!

In the mean time I’ve dived in to the World at War system with World at War:Eisenbach Gap Delux – fictitious war in Europe in the mid 1980’s, loads of really cool weapons platforms to try out.

Another recent acquisition is Unconditional Surrender – WWII in Europe, this is a large game and I’m really looking forward  to getting to grips with it. I have Global War from SPI that I got when it was published back in 1975 and is now rather ‘dog eared’ after much playing, I’ll let you know how US stacks up against it.

Also in the post to me at this moment! is Landships: Tactical Weapons – tactical warfare 1914 – 1918, this is one area I’ve wanted to get into for some time but just don’t want to spend the time and money buying and painting the troops and terrain! Can’t wait to try this one out, if anyone thinks that WWI is just trench warfare then think again, WWI was where ‘Fire and Movement’ was formally incorporated into army doctrine! Ace!

Well I have a choice now back to painting the 6mm sci-fi or another game of ‘Band of Heroes’? Hmm……