Well been busy with all sorts of things recently but here is the Gaming progress:-

Black Powder:-

  • Got the Water-Who project on the games table almost ready to play.


  • Completed a pile of Flexible Roads some of which can be seen on the Water-Who table.
  • And some markers for Chain of Command


  • Completed a section from an American Armoured Rifle Platoon.


  • I’ve received and assembled a more storage boxes and lids from Sally4th


  • I’ve also received two 10mm castle towers but haven’t had the time to assemble them  (yet).

It’s been a busy time with things other than gaming but:-


Picture of my new gaming mat!

Black Powder.

Some new terrain pieces completed.


I’ve cut the vinyl for my flexible roads and I’m pressing them flat for a while before I apply the mastic.

While I’m waiting I’m going to layout the table for a Chain of Command game 😀