With the better weather arriving sooner than expected we’ve been spending more time ‘out and about’ and that means less time for wargaming and modeling but, have made progress:-

Black Powder.

The figures for my Waterloo project are now complete.

I’ve received farm buildings and walls from Baccus so need to get those started.

And I’m awaiting the arrival of two new gaming mats from Hotz Mats each double sided with 1.5in  hexes on one side.


American armored platoon back on the bench but no progress.

Received some base inserts that I plan to use as jump off points in ‘Chain of Command‘ so need to get those painted!

Board Games.

Just started another ‘Band of Heroes ‘scenario “Brothers in Arms”, want to run that through a couple of times to get me back ‘into’ the system then I’ll try to get another couple played next week (poor weather forecast).

A first for me, as I’ve invested on Lock ‘n Load’s new incarnation of ‘Band’, Band of Heroes:Normandy I hope it reaches it’s funding goal as I think there’s a lot of good stuff in it.


Only one lot done this week over on the ‘Black Powder‘ blog