Another busy week this week and a bit late with this roundup but I did manage a few gaming/modeling things:


  1. Chain of Command Panzergrenadier Platoon completed

Black Powder

  1. More 6mm Prussian 2nd Corps

I’ve also received and assembled more storage boxes from Sally4th these small storage cases have enabled me to store almost twice the number of figures in the space I previously used, much recommended! (Just ordered more!)

Very busy week this week (not gaming though) only one thing completed:


  1. Panzergrenadiers


A very busy week outside of gaming, with the return of the good weather it’s mainly been out and about but I did manage to squeeze in one game, complete one outstanding painting project, paint a panther for fun and start the Prussian 2nd Corps.

The highlight though has got to be the completion of the Battlefront Guards Armoured Recce Company!

Black Powder.

  1. Prussian 2nd Corps


  1. 1/100 Panther ‘G’
  2. Game Foucarville
  3. Guards Armoured Recce Co.

Well it’s the start of October that means a number of things for me in Crete, we have said goodbye to our last guests of the year, we have more work outside in the garden getting ready for the winter season and October is usually the start of more unsettled weather before January where it can get really naff . That last one means more gaming and painting for me 😀

Our last guests left on Tuesday and after tidying the house and a bit of shopping I was able the get back to the workbench/computer to carry on or complete some work in progress, so:-

Posts this week:-

ACW & Napoleonic.

Alas no progress since the last post mid Aug.


  1. Airspeed Horsa
  2. 1/100 Scale Sexton
  3. Lock’n Load


  1. Unfinished Business
  2. Epic Stuff