Having completed ‘Operation Mercury’ last weekend I was wondering what to start next, well Pen and Sword sent me an email telling me that they have started selling eBooks, I only got 3!, Arnhem 1944, Austerlitz, and Waterloo: The French Perspective. As you can see the digital versions are considerably less than their hard bound paper counterparts and no postage!

I also received my digital copy of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy and two trips to the post office this week have yielded the latest copies of, Wargames Illustrated, Miniature Wargames, Ancient Warfare, as well as a new board game (yes another one!) Lock ‘n Load Band of Heroes together with the supplement Swift and Bold. Altogether enough to keep me busy! Now I only have two more grape vines to cut back, 30ltrs of fermentation to distil and another 30kg of grapes to process 😉

If you have a need to create your own hex based maps the Hexdraw is something to check out. It allows background images, variable hex sizes and will print out large maps on multiple a4 sheets and much more, here is a sample that comes with the program and its a good example of what the program can do.