…you come across a site that is amazing, I have decided that in spite of my lead and plastic mountains I would like to try some other ‘stuff’, in particular Too Fat Lardies ‘Mud and Blood’ WWI rules, yeah I know, in my dreams! But…I have a cunning plan!

You see I figure that if I can only find some first world war PAPER figures it would be so much easier and quicker (not to mention cheaper).

So a small while spent surfing and I found this site, Junior General, opens all sorts of  ‘one off’ games and try outs.

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Not having posted anything for a while thought I should ‘make time’ to do so.  Things have been a bit hectic at the Fortress over the last couple of weeks, the weather has been brilliant so that meant more swimming 🙂 and more work in the garden 🙁 . The last week or so has been taken up with a particularly large project (in the real world) that I have called ‘The Führer’s Bunker’  – an enclosure for our generator.

Other Projects that I have been working on include:

A Northern European town in 15mm from Paperterrain.com I have 5 buildings completed so far.

A Battlefront Guards Armoured Recce Company assembled and ready for priming and basecoating.

9 bases of a British Para Company from Battlefront plus a Jeep from Peter Pig.

I’m ‘updating’ an old SPI game Global War, I have clipped all the counters and have a new map in PDF ready to print from Bob Zmuda, I plan to start it once the winter gaming season starts.

The V2 is still on the workbench – I need to complete some details then apply the weathering.

I’m preparing a scenario from The Three Days of Gettysburg to play on or around the 2nd of July, the 150th anniversary of the battle.

Three new books have arrived, check out the Books page!

I shall try post some pics this week.


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Or to be precise army lists – the process of referencing a particular rule-set and associated documents to produce a points based list for gaming.

Lots of talk about them at the moment, Kipper has just posted a load over on the FoD while The Rambling Wargamer has commented about the stealing of personal lists (as apposed to)  lists posted online and I read recently a very good article in praise of points based army lists.

I’ll start off be saying I generally don’t use point based lists (pbl) when I’m gaming other than as a general indication of relative strengths, but then again most of my gaming is solo and outside of the ‘slot’ that pbl are aimed at.

You see pbl are a mechanism to allow two or more people to turn up at a predetermined time and place and have a evenly matched game based on the pbl.

What could be wrong with that – nothing, it enables what, to be honest, is the majority of gamers, to ‘get a game in’.

It’s, (pbl) goal is to provide an evenly matched game that can be played to a conclusion in one sitting usually 3 to 4 hours. most rule sets these days are points based, even the ones that aren’t usually have a bit at the back to allow you to calculate points if you wish!

In short it provides a neat package, a pick up and go, an instant solution to wargaming.

Well maybe not, but it is a mechanism that many are happily using but, it doesn’t always work.

Take the newbie who has faithfully read all of the ‘non rule’ fluff that accompanies his chosen army and has built what he believes to be a pretty good force, and happens to be paired off with an old hand who’s brought along his ‘tournament army’, or the diced for scenario that actually gives one side no chance at winning or the ‘fluffy’ army that can’t inflict any casualties on their opponent, I’m sure that we all have similar tales.

Which goes to point out that pbl don’t always produce what people assume they do – a fair and balanced game.

Now if you look at the sources I mentioned above you’ll see that the pbl is not some abstract that’s divorced from the hobby but in some systems is an integral part, to be encouraged and enjoyed as much as any other part of the hobby, I have spent many hours myself in the past building army lists.

To lose a hard fought and close battle can still be fun, to be totally rolled over by superior tactics can be an education but to be beaten by an opponent because their army totally outclasses yours in such a way that you can’t even inflict a casualty is boring!

I like one-sided fights! the trick is to define a point where the outclassed force can claim victory.

The two links above illustrate the good and the bad (in my mind) regarding pbl, over on the FoD Kipper has enthusiastically put together a number of lists for fun (and probably with the hope of wining a few games) while The Rambling Wargamer describes situations of ‘stolen winning’ lists in what seems to be an atmosphere of ‘killer list making’.

PBL are NOT new they were originally created for figure collectors of different periods to play each other (early Greeks vs Imperial Romans for example) and as such are a way to facilitate gaming but as in all things can be exploited by the unscrupulous win-at-all-costs gamer.

I suppose the whole point of this is to say that like Democracy pbl are the best of a bad bunch and to be made to work for the benefit of all need to be approached with openness, flexibility and fair-play.