This is the Airfix 1/800 HMS Victory that Rob has gifted me, its a big box!
Scroll down for progress so far

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This is a dump of the photo-progress so far

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I’ve had a partial set of AK’s new metal paints for a while but with the arrival of the 2 latest colours, blue and purple, I was eager to see how they perform.

You can judge for yourself in the pictures below, I found that the paints went on well with a .35 needle  at 18psi to 20 psi. I tried the Polished Aluminum on top of a matt black primer which turned out to be a bit of a wast of time as the result just looked dull silver. I over-coated the Aluminum with Purple and got a very weak purple colour. Best results were obtained applying the colours in light even coats over AK’a Black Base to slowly build up the depth of colour, the paint self levels and dries quickly. The downside is AK’s cleaner, it has a strong odor and even with the paint booth fan on after cleaning the airbrush the odor could be smelt in the room, also I think if I was working on a large piece then I would definitely wear a respirator!

A really good product but I will stick with Vallejo’s new metallics and only use AK’s on ‘special’ jobs.

I have completed gluing the first of my 6mm Napoleonic armies to their new ‘Blucher’ bases and it’s the Prussians that have that honor, only because I had less figures to add! I still have to add the magnetic strips and flock the bases but I’m pleased that the first army has reached this milestone 😀


Having settled on a basic layout I started to affix the figures to the new bases, I was pleasantly surprised to find how quickly the process proceeded and so far I have glued up some 22 new bases ready for finishing and ‘terra forming’. Here are the first few that were completed:-


Generic Infantry


Generic Cavalry


Generic Infantry with Artillery support









I’ve done no pure artillery bases yet as I need my unpainted ‘stock’ for the limbers and horses, also to come in the Anglo Allied army are some mixed bases containing all three arms:- Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.













Almost 3 weeks into our summer relocation and about 6 weeks since I did any meaningful hobby!

So… I’ve been chipping away at my Project ‘Blucher’ – the re-basing of my approximately 3000 6mm Napoleonic figures. I have removed all of the French figures from their bases, fortunately in the original project I had settled on white glue to affix the figures so most came away easily.

I had originally based the figures on 30mm x 60mm bases and then attached an id strip to the rear edge:-









Having got a copy of Sam Mustafa’s Blucher and trying it out I decided on the rebase to Blucher’s base size of 60mm x 90mm.

I started with the French and ave settled on the following layout for the infantry:-










The strip along the back will have a magnetic strip to hold a variety of different unit ID’s and stats, the French figures will be arrayed in two blocks with the command base in the center, the space in front will be used for terrain details and skirmishers.

Unfortunately although I packed all my painted 6mm Naps I left the unpainted at home 😀 I wont know if I need to order any more French figures for a couple of weeks when we have a short trip home!

I just need to clean the figure strips and start the gluing process.


Here is my, soon(ish) to be Rob’s, Orks:-

The full list is:-

  • Ork Battleforce
    • 20 Ork Boyz
    • 3 Ork Warbikes
    • 1 Ork Truck
  • Ork Truck
  • 2x Boxes Ork Lootas & Burnas
  • Box Killa Kans (3)
  • Ork Deff Dread
  • Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
  • Box Gretchin (11)
  • Flash Git with Targetting Squig
  • 2x boxes of assorted sprue (from 40k set?)

Just need to find a box for them to go in 😀

It’s been a while and I’ve lots of stuff ongoing, on the Gaming front I’m back playing ‘Band of Heroes’ and enjoying it even more having just watched all of ‘Band of Brothers’ over 4 days! The game system is fantastic and really DOES deliver a ‘cinematic’ feel rather than just talking about it as lots of other game systems seem to do.

Having unintentionally re-designed a number of T-Shirts with paint splatter I decided to get an apron:-

Since getting it I haven’t splattered any paint!

A couple of completed figures from a ‘Dad’s Army’ set that Rob bought me:-

I have received from ‘Sally 4th‘ more storage boxes also the final elements to complete a castle in 10mm for my ‘Empire’ campaign:-

I completed a German Heavy walker and have two US walkers (from Clockwork Goblin)  in progress:-

I have primed  a 15mm company of Soviet WW2 infantry in greatcoats from Peter Pig:-

and have made a little progress on a UK WW2 Para head:-

I have another ‘Band of Heroes’ game on the table and would like to complete the 2 US walkers before starting a larger model build – not sure what one yet!



When I was a kid there was only one thing that I was really interested in, the ‘Space Race’, I had all of the major boosters from both the United States and the Soviet Union but the most impressive, by a long way, was the mighty Saturn V Apollo Moon vehicle. I got this kit from the U.S. about 6 or 7 years ago although the kit itself is a lot older.

I would have rated the kit as easy were it not for the fact that many of the components were ill fitting and required quite a bit of filling indeed the major components of each stage were large oblong pre-printed sheets that were to be rolled into tubes and secured in that position with bars pressed through pre-cut holes, unfortunately the holes didn’t line up in either direction and a great deal of time was spent re-aligning them.

At just a few inches over four feet tall:-

and here are the stages (looks REALLY cool as a slide show:-

Still have the Trireme as a WiP, I’m awaiting the arrival of a bottle of acrylic flow enhancer before I continue painting as I want to brush the colour on rather than spray to get the right texture to the coverage. Now normally if I’m having problems getting paint to cover well I go the diy route of mixing a tiny drop of washing up liquid with the paint but, as I have such a large amount of flat areas on the Trireme I’m reluctant to go that route!

While I’m waiting for my painting supplies I’m working on an old 6mm Epic Armageddon army, it’s been primed and has been sitting in a box for years, I’m not sure exactly why I decided to try and complete it because I’m definitely going off the idea of spending weeks or months painting up armies for a battle when the alternative is to just set up a board game!

On that subject I’ve completed a few more games  of Band of Heroes and am really looking forward to the release of Band of Heroes:Normandy later this year!

In the mean time I’ve dived in to the World at War system with World at War:Eisenbach Gap Delux – fictitious war in Europe in the mid 1980’s, loads of really cool weapons platforms to try out.

Another recent acquisition is Unconditional Surrender – WWII in Europe, this is a large game and I’m really looking forward  to getting to grips with it. I have Global War from SPI that I got when it was published back in 1975 and is now rather ‘dog eared’ after much playing, I’ll let you know how US stacks up against it.

Also in the post to me at this moment! is Landships: Tactical Weapons – tactical warfare 1914 – 1918, this is one area I’ve wanted to get into for some time but just don’t want to spend the time and money buying and painting the troops and terrain! Can’t wait to try this one out, if anyone thinks that WWI is just trench warfare then think again, WWI was where ‘Fire and Movement’ was formally incorporated into army doctrine! Ace!

Well I have a choice now back to painting the 6mm sci-fi or another game of ‘Band of Heroes’? Hmm……