This is the Airfix 1/800 HMS Victory that Rob has gifted me, its a big box!
Scroll down for progress so far

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This is a dump of the photo-progress so far

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Just completed the Revell 1/32 Colonial Viper with the Micrografix cockpit and some LED’s to light it up.


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This is the picture gallery for my entry into the Flory Models 4 day ‘Turkey Shoot’ group build.
These are ALL the pictures (loads) scroll through the the end for the 5 pictures of the completed model.

Just completed, the Hobby Boss 1/72 scale F-84E Thunderjet:

There’s not a lot in the box, but it is very well packaged:

Two marking options are provided:-

I’m going to go with the checkered pattern even though I don’t believe placing the decals will be easy 😀

I’ll do the build on Thursday, I don’t think it will take very long and I will complete the paint job and decals  once I get home.

The build was simple enough just needed to paint the cockpit interior to start with

Gloss black prime

Silver and green applied…

…and yellow in the wheel wells

Making a start with the decals – lots of Micro Sol

Top view – and more Micro Sol

Once the all the decals had been properly bedded down and various imperfections had been touched-in a liberal coat of Flory Models Dark Dirt wash was applied and left to fully dry

The wash was polished off with slightly damp paper towel and the panel lines pop out

In all this was to be a ‘nice quick build’, the application of the decals took ten times as long as the kit assembly did! But enjoyable never the less. 

The photos came out well and managed not to reveal most of the flaws in the decals 😉

I bought this kit along with 3 other kits and it cost just less than 6 quid delivered – its not the greatest kit in the world and as the tooling seems to date from 1957! I suspect not the most accurate but builds into a nice representation of an aircraft that is hard to find in kit form.

The finish is not quite right but AK interactive have a new product out that I may try later in the year.

As the landing gear was a bit naff I decided to have the kit in ‘flight mode’, the base was made from a piece of olive tree branch from last year’s trimmings together with a piece of acrylic rod from ebay @ about 8 quid, I still have 2/3 of it left.


Been ages since my last update, but I have completed some stuff so here is the first update:-













An older kit from 1976 as Revell so kindly (!) Doh molded onto the external surface of one of the tails.


















Even so not too much filling or sanding (although I probably should have done more 😉 )

The advantage of the kit is that it was a cheap easy build so that I could get on with the painting.










Had a disaster when priming – I sloshed primer over the kit while air-brushing so I had to clean all the primer off and re-prime!

I used AK Xtreme metal aluminium which went on easily – the only change I would make in the painting would be to air-brush on the yellow band around the fuselage as the decal (once on) doesn’t match the wing stripes!

Back in the early 1970’s not s,ure of the exact year I built Italeri’s Elelpant tank destroyer kit and its the only kit that has stayed with me since those early heady days of enamel paints and thinners. I like the model and I decided to build another, more recent offering (the Italeri kit dates from the late 1960’s). So I ordered Dragon’s offering that is supposed to be a superior kit, unfortunately my purchase seemed to have don under the international postal steamroller (see the pics at the end of the kit stash post)

It was not and easy build even after surgery the repair the postal damage the lower chassis was still twisted and required TWO large braces the enable me to put the thing together. I still need to weather the model but here it it so far:

Once I got the basic paint job done the older Italeri kit just looked plain dirty, even after a careful clean so, after a light coat of Mig’s Dunkelgleb Dark Base, some camo and a little detailing, here’s what the older model looks like now:-

Still need to weather both of them.

I have almost completed the Falke project, just need to apply a coat of varnish then see if I need any more weathering, but having been busy with other things and with the summer already allocated I wont get to really complete this project until October at the earliest! So here are the latest pics.

DSCF0114 DSCF0115 DSCF0116