Having just completed the first elements of a 6mm Epic Ork army I decided that the old gargant I had in my collection should have a makeover, here’s why:-
 photo IMG_20170607_105020_zpsx7gunksp.jpg

Bit one dimensional really, the model had been primed black and dry brushed many moons ago so rather than strip the model and start again (my original plan) I went straight in with a coat of AK’s aluminium:-
 photo IMG_20170607_151242_zpsdwb4o7c9.jpg

As you can see that gave a nice smooth metallic undercoat, I then airbrushed on a coat of Vallejo chipping medium followed by the main paint job, a green, two browns and red detailing:-
 photo IMG_20170607_164650_zpsxp3ltbjn.jpg

That was given about an hour to dry before I attacked it with a stiff brush and water:-
 photo photo_1496844123663_zpsggnqvacs.jpg

I sealed the surface with a water based varnish and once that was dry applied some decals and an enamel light tan filter wash, once that was dry I added some more details and finished with a clear gloss lacquer coat applied from a distance to make it less glossy.
 photo IMG_20170610_172817_zpsgjws0mre.jpg
 photo IMG_20170610_172719_zpspe9cqkzk.jpg

Job Done 🙂

Just completed the Revell 1/32 Colonial Viper with the Micrografix cockpit and some LED’s to light it up.


 photo IMG_20170106_154149_zps5n5fyxug.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154235_zpsa1w5tuj1.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154505_zpsruqrvc4q.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154647_zpsdvmbo7eq.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154823_zpsysnyzfqm.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154912_zpsafek5mdi.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_155208_zpscm8h1njl.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_155256_zpshgamezij.jpg

As I was sorting out the models for the Battle Fleet Gothic painting sessions I came across a box of Firestorm Armada Relthoza and decided to paint them up as well, as I was in ‘Sci-Fi’ mode. The box art is quite pleasing so I decided to take inspiration from it for my scheme. I kept the blue – gray theme but for the Battleship I wanted the colours more ‘angular’ similar to the ‘Dazzle’ scheme used on various ships during WW1.


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Box Art

I primed the models with Stynylrez gray which I left as the primary grey, the other colours used were Vallejo Model Air 050, 054,087 and 089. The completed models were given a thinned  down oil wash of Phthalo blue (yes it’s a real colour pronounced ftalo) which I think really adds depth and strength to the colours particularly the 089 Light Sea Blue. Once the wash was dry I gave everything a coat of matt varnish.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Just before the arrival of an unexpected gift from Rob 😀 of the Star Trek: Attack Wing starter set – I’ll post on that once I’ve played it through a few times –  I was in-between builds I wanted something simple that I could try out AK’s Xtreme Metal and Vallejo’s new Metal’s on. So digging through the archive I unearthed some of GW’s Battle Fleet Gothic ships, in particular a white metal Necron fleet I acquired off ebay many years ago, here’s the result:-

Update:- Added more pictures

As far as the metallic paints are concerned the AK black primer is brilliant to work with, the Vallejo black primer seems to thicken as more air gets in the jar so needs to be thinned in the airbrush.
As a direct comparison between the copper colour from both AK and Vallejo – virtually no colour differences determinable but the Vallejo copper seems to suffer the same problem as the Vallejo black primer and needs to be thinned in the airbrush.
I’ll keep elements of both as the ranges are not quite the same – Vallejo seems easier to use off the brush. One of my future builds will be a Korean War F-86f Sabre jet its basic colour is Aluminium, my choice of paint will come down to which manufacturer has the greater number of Aluminium shades.

After a break of more than 3 months I’m finally back to Scale Modelling with the Ma.K. Hummel from Wave!

I purchased the kit at the end of last year, I liked the look of it, a very spidery drone. To my surprise when the kit arrived it contained extra parts! enough to create a cockpit with a large canopy and a pilot figure and it was with the cockpit that I decided to build it. I made a start about 4 months ago on the cockpit and pilot figure but work was suspended due to holidays and a 2 month relocation. Upon our return I decided not to go with the cockpit option but to build it as a pilotless drone!

I added some scratch built air intake details and the build didn’t take long, the camo was sprayed freehand but I had a slight problem with the varnish, part way through I had a little spattering so I blew the airbrush through at 60psi, cleared, unfortunately I failed to lower the pressure all the way and ending up blowing too much air! that left some of the areas a little rough, I sanded and hand re-varnished the worst patches but I can’t use the clay based weathering that I had planned 🙁 so it’s back to enamel 🙂

More pics when I’ve completed the weathering.

After a conversation with Rob, who pointed out that I hadn’t actually posted any more pictures here, I set about finding the final pictures that I had taken, they were unfortunately out of focus – the reason I hadn’t used them!

So after a quick photo-shoot here are the final pix!

I have almost completed the Falke project, just need to apply a coat of varnish then see if I need any more weathering, but having been busy with other things and with the summer already allocated I wont get to really complete this project until October at the earliest! So here are the latest pics.

DSCF0114 DSCF0115 DSCF0116

More progress on the Falke, paint job has been ‘distressed’, all the small detail parts have been added, final painted details have been added as have the decals!

I’ve tried out some of Mig Jimenez’s Filter products and wanted to give the Falke a similar finish but I don’t have the correct shade on hand! So all work will stop until the ‘Grey for White’ filter arrives. Once that is done all thats left to do is to weather the craft.

So I have time to complete the figures now!

After priming the Falke with mid grey I airbrushed a coat of varnish followed by a coat of Vallejo Chipping Medium, once that had dried I airbrushed the final colour:-


















I’ve been practicing the chipping technique on an old auto body:-









Just need to touch-up the bleed from the blue band then I’ll start chipping!