Just completed, the Hobby Boss 1/72 scale F-84E Thunderjet:

There’s not a lot in the box, but it is very well packaged:

Two marking options are provided:-

I’m going to go with the checkered pattern even though I don’t believe placing the decals will be easy 😀

I’ll do the build on Thursday, I don’t think it will take very long and I will complete the paint job and decals  once I get home.

The build was simple enough just needed to paint the cockpit interior to start with

Gloss black prime

Silver and green applied…

…and yellow in the wheel wells

Making a start with the decals – lots of Micro Sol

Top view – and more Micro Sol

Once the all the decals had been properly bedded down and various imperfections had been touched-in a liberal coat of Flory Models Dark Dirt wash was applied and left to fully dry

The wash was polished off with slightly damp paper towel and the panel lines pop out

In all this was to be a ‘nice quick build’, the application of the decals took ten times as long as the kit assembly did! But enjoyable never the less. 

The photos came out well and managed not to reveal most of the flaws in the decals 😉

I’ve been working on the Meng ME163b in 1/32 scale for just over a week now, here is my progress:-

So with the internal basically done I can now move onto the fuselage and exterior.


Completed on Christmas Eve! In spite of some fit issues and once again some issues with one of the varnish coats I’m pleased with the result! I chose the simple colour scheme of red as flown by Wolfgang Späte on 13th  May 1944 although I had to conduct a number of tests with different colour primers the get the deep red, gray Stynylrez provided the colour and a superb base to lay the red onto.

I had problems fitting the tail section and only partly resolved that issue as I was planning on leaving the tail off anyway.

As I had a small problem with ‘frosting’ when I applied the gloss varnish after the red I took extra care with the final satin varnish, I thinned the varnish to the required viscosity and added a drop of flow improver to the mix, I also only airbrushed smaller areas to ensure better coverage, so I did the upper left wing and let it dry followed by the upper right wing etc. The result was a perfect varnish.

I was also pleased to be able to use one of my ‘impulse buys’ in this case a photo etched ‘wood’ stencil, the results can be seen supporting the tail section.

In all I thoroughly enjoyed the build and am very pleased with the result, I plan to construct a ‘hard standing’ base for the model and I’m now looking for some suitable ground crew.

I’ve been working on an old kit a 1/144 scale Revell Space Shuttle and Booster; it’s actually part of a much larger kit that consists of the launch complex as well – I’m not going to build the complex at the moment.

It’s a simple build with a small number of parts but as some of the molds date back to 1975 there are some joint issues! most of the time spent on it so far has been filling and sanding!

The Boosters and Fuel Tank after priming.

The Shuttle masked prior to painting the wing and tail edges

Top decals on

Underside decals on

Side decals on

Fuel tank almost complete


Buying the Cartograph decals for the Shuttle’s tiles is a no brainer once you see them on, as the original decals have disintegrated I’ve also ordered the second sheet with vehicle names and extra details I’ll complete the build once they arrive.


Well the Shuttle and boosters are complete after many coats of varnish and some 88 decals! There are some blemishes and a couple of the decals needed to be cut back prior to fitting – this didn’t happen as I fitted all of the Cartograf decals (mainly lower) before the upper decals (Scale Master) arrived, ho hum! But I’m pleased with the results for such an old kit 😀

After a break of more than 3 months I’m finally back to Scale Modelling with the Ma.K. Hummel from Wave!

I purchased the kit at the end of last year, I liked the look of it, a very spidery drone. To my surprise when the kit arrived it contained extra parts! enough to create a cockpit with a large canopy and a pilot figure and it was with the cockpit that I decided to build it. I made a start about 4 months ago on the cockpit and pilot figure but work was suspended due to holidays and a 2 month relocation. Upon our return I decided not to go with the cockpit option but to build it as a pilotless drone!

I added some scratch built air intake details and the build didn’t take long, the camo was sprayed freehand but I had a slight problem with the varnish, part way through I had a little spattering so I blew the airbrush through at 60psi, cleared, unfortunately I failed to lower the pressure all the way and ending up blowing too much air! that left some of the areas a little rough, I sanded and hand re-varnished the worst patches but I can’t use the clay based weathering that I had planned 🙁 so it’s back to enamel 🙂

More pics when I’ve completed the weathering.

After a conversation with Rob, who pointed out that I hadn’t actually posted any more pictures here, I set about finding the final pictures that I had taken, they were unfortunately out of focus – the reason I hadn’t used them!

So after a quick photo-shoot here are the final pix!

Following Rob’s revelation of his outstanding projects I was going to list all of the projects that I have, but will never get round to doing, but I thought the list would be too long and depressing! So here in no particular order is my Kit Stash instead!

1/12 Mercury capsule and escape tower, had this kit for about 6 years! In the past I’ve done the Mercury in a number of scales but none this big!

1/48 Lunar Module, again had this kit for about 6 years and have done it in a few scales, just wanted a more modern pressing for my collection

Ma.k Camel, this will complete a trio of Ma.k kits with added figures to make a workshop diorama (sometime)

1/35 M3A3 Bradly, just liked the look of this really, looking forward to putting it together.

1/48 Spitfire from Eduard, last Spit I did was an Airfix 1/24 40+ years ago, this one has tons more details, again can’t wait to put it together.

1/32 Komet from Meng, have done this in the past in a number of scales!

1/35 AFV from Meng, who wouldn’t want to build a kit called ‘Terminator’?

Gemini Titan from Realspace Models, Resin, plastic tube, bits of wire and metal, box contents could be mistaken for a ‘spares’ box, going to be hard to produce a good model, but I’ll give it a go.

1/48 HE 162 from Tamiya, never done this subject before, but it will fit in with the other German aircraft I have.

The interior for the M3A3, don’t know what I was thinking making the M3A3 build this complex, this will need a lot of thought.

German Sniper in 90mm from Andrea, if I can get this right then it will look stunning.

1/48 Phantom F4 from Eduard a re-boxed Academy kit with all the Eduard upgrades, this is the Navy/Marine version that has always had a spot in my heart, a must for my collection anyway.

HO229 in 1/35 from Zoukei-Mura, insane detail, large kit, not quite sure where to put it when completed, what more can I say?

On the workbench is a 1/144 Space Shuttle and boosters, again I’ve had this kit for about 6 years but some of the molds date back to the 70’s so it’s a lot of work smoothing join lines, but then again that’s what filler is for  😉

also on the bench is a 1/35 Elefant from Dragon, this one is an uphill struggle as I was under a bit of a handicap before I started the kit:-

The bottom had a twist that was not corrected by the repair and has had to be braced:-

I did get a set of metal tracks in compensation though 🙂

Completed two more figures to go with the Falke and have applied the decals, I’m now awaiting the arrival of an order from Ammo of Mig to complete the weathering! :-

Next build will be the 1/32 scale Meng ME 163b ‘ Komet’

After priming the Falke with mid grey I airbrushed a coat of varnish followed by a coat of Vallejo Chipping Medium, once that had dried I airbrushed the final colour:-


















I’ve been practicing the chipping technique on an old auto body:-









Just need to touch-up the bleed from the blue band then I’ll start chipping!