I have completed gluing the first of my 6mm Napoleonic armies to their new ‘Blucher’ bases and it’s the Prussians that have that honor, only because I had less figures to add! I still have to add the magnetic strips and flock the bases but I’m pleased that the first army has reached this milestone 😀


Just completed gluing on the figures for the first 9 Anglo-Allied bases, these are currently labeled as 1st Corp. A couple of artillery bases were stripped from their old bases complete with terrain so I just glued the whole thing in place – I wish all of the figures came off that easily 😀

DSCF0176 DSCF0177 DSCF0178 DSCF0179 DSCF0180

Having settled on a basic layout I started to affix the figures to the new bases, I was pleasantly surprised to find how quickly the process proceeded and so far I have glued up some 22 new bases ready for finishing and ‘terra forming’. Here are the first few that were completed:-


Generic Infantry


Generic Cavalry


Generic Infantry with Artillery support









I’ve done no pure artillery bases yet as I need my unpainted ‘stock’ for the limbers and horses, also to come in the Anglo Allied army are some mixed bases containing all three arms:- Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.













Almost 3 weeks into our summer relocation and about 6 weeks since I did any meaningful hobby!

So… I’ve been chipping away at my Project ‘Blucher’ – the re-basing of my approximately 3000 6mm Napoleonic figures. I have removed all of the French figures from their bases, fortunately in the original project I had settled on white glue to affix the figures so most came away easily.

I had originally based the figures on 30mm x 60mm bases and then attached an id strip to the rear edge:-









Having got a copy of Sam Mustafa’s Blucher and trying it out I decided on the rebase to Blucher’s base size of 60mm x 90mm.

I started with the French and ave settled on the following layout for the infantry:-










The strip along the back will have a magnetic strip to hold a variety of different unit ID’s and stats, the French figures will be arrayed in two blocks with the command base in the center, the space in front will be used for terrain details and skirmishers.

Unfortunately although I packed all my painted 6mm Naps I left the unpainted at home 😀 I wont know if I need to order any more French figures for a couple of weeks when we have a short trip home!

I just need to clean the figure strips and start the gluing process.

Having just received Blücher from Sam Mustafa games I dived right into the Introductory Scenario that’s available to download fro his website ‘Along the Danube’. The scenario pits two balanced forces against each other, French vs Austrians and is an ideal starting point the get to grips with the system.

Blücher, from the Honour series of games from Sam Mustafa comes in a 176 page full colour hard back book with the basic game clearly outlined in the first 76 pages with approx. 20 pages of advanced rules following. The rest of the book is given over to a section on army lists for those who wish to play points based scenarios and a section on creating ‘Historical scenarios’. Also included is a campaign system and the usual rules summary sheets a FAQ (a must read!) and an index of Frequently used terms.

So how does it play? Quick and easy, the rules summary sheets (Gneisenau play aids) show page numbers if you need to refer to the book but after a few turns most of what you need should have been absorbed!

The game generates a good ‘feel’ of Napoleonic warfare (in my opinion), the momentum system may limit the amount of units you can activate each turn so careful thought needs to be given to the order of activations.

In short it’s exactly the sort of game I like, here’s a shot of the final table layout and a quick narrative of the game:-

BlucherDemoGameDeployment was, French I corps on the right (bottom of the picture), II corp in the center, III corp on the right with the Reserve Cavalry in reserve. Austrians Reserve korps on the french right, II korps in the center and the I korps facing the french left.

I play solo so I put together a small FreeBasic program to generate and monitor Momentum.

The Austrians decided that as they had a strong defencive position they would stay put and let the French do most of the attacking!

The French kicked off by advancing all along the line although the French right lagged behind (momentum!)

The Austrians started the bloodletting from long range with cannon and skirmish fire as most of the French units were on the move they were unable to return fire.

The French  charged into the Austrian center and extreme right only the be repulsed with casualties, it would seem that the Austrians were not to be just ‘swept from the field’ as the Empereur had decreed!

As the center and left reorganised focus shifted to the french right where the I corps acting in a perfect combined arms attack and forced the Austrians back, only to be thrown back across the stream later in the morning by a well timed Austrian counter attack!

Meanwhile the French center and right hit the Austrians with a heavy artillery bombardment while peppering the line with skirmish fire!

The Austrian extreme right buckled under a combined infantry/cavalry charge and the Austrian line was open to being outflanked!

Time for the Austrians to reorganize, units on the right successfully pulled back and reformed the line but the center was unable to reorganise leaving weakened units in the front line.

Flushed with success and seeing a weakened center the French once again launched furious charges that gravley weakened the Austrian morale, French victory looked assured!

The Austrian situation was desperate but had the french overreached? Most of the French units now facing the Austrians were weakened, if only the Austrians could launch some counter attacks all may not be lost. The Austrian left was safe and a fresh unit of reserve cavalry was moved down to support the counter attack in the center, enough units were mobilised on the right to hit back with the combined result that the french lost enough units to bring their army moral down to the same level as the Austrians!

Game time was just after midday fighting had been going on all morning and both armies were close to exhaustion but the French still had 5 units of reserve cavalry that were fresh, time for ‘one more push’.

Austrian morale collapsed giving the game to the French.

A really close and enjoyable game and a great way to learn the system! Next will be the battle for Quatre Bras as downloaded from the Honour forums. 😀