Having just completed the first elements of a 6mm Epic Ork army I decided that the old gargant I had in my collection should have a makeover, here’s why:-
 photo IMG_20170607_105020_zpsx7gunksp.jpg

Bit one dimensional really, the model had been primed black and dry brushed many moons ago so rather than strip the model and start again (my original plan) I went straight in with a coat of AK’s aluminium:-
 photo IMG_20170607_151242_zpsdwb4o7c9.jpg

As you can see that gave a nice smooth metallic undercoat, I then airbrushed on a coat of Vallejo chipping medium followed by the main paint job, a green, two browns and red detailing:-
 photo IMG_20170607_164650_zpsxp3ltbjn.jpg

That was given about an hour to dry before I attacked it with a stiff brush and water:-
 photo photo_1496844123663_zpsggnqvacs.jpg

I sealed the surface with a water based varnish and once that was dry applied some decals and an enamel light tan filter wash, once that was dry I added some more details and finished with a clear gloss lacquer coat applied from a distance to make it less glossy.
 photo IMG_20170610_172817_zpsgjws0mre.jpg
 photo IMG_20170610_172719_zpspe9cqkzk.jpg

Job Done ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the Airfix 1/800 HMS Victory that Rob has gifted me, its a big box!
Scroll down for progress so far

 photo IMG_20170111_141840_zpsiuyn1t9m.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115018_zpswutxmjxl.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115150_zpsxsucmybu.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115208_zpsovyxn3aq.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115404_zpsxydxtjik.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115449_zpsofb3u2vs.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115508_zpsof1oipvx.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115543_zpsse57jtrc.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115609_zpsxlcx0m6p.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115620_zpsghy6uukt.jpg
 photo IMG_20170114_115643_zpstrfcpecw.jpg
 photo IMG_20170412_170521_zps2ctq8qo0.jpg
 photo IMG_20170412_170605_zps2mdb2jmj.jpg
 photo IMG_20170412_170644_zps9g1q1hh8.jpg

This is a dump of the photo-progress so far

 photo IMG_20170413_100822_zpsmoyap7mk.jpg
 photo IMG_20170418_155634_zpsjfayxs1m.jpg
 photo IMG_20170418_162543_zpsdcjxr5lj.jpg
 photo IMG_20170418_165638_zps202rk2gj.jpg
 photo IMG_20170418_173041_zpsc2v4jiro.jpg
 photo IMG_20170419_153834_zpsebfuq0fc.jpg
 photo IMG_20170419_164911_zpseuvabiju.jpg
 photo IMG_20170420_145734_zpsavnpd3na.jpg

 photo IMG_20170421_110805_zpsuezxmvfn.jpg
 photo IMG_20170422_120937_zpsfk4xlsdc.jpg
 photo IMG_20170424_095145_zpsmugbac4v.jpg
 photo IMG_20170424_095158_zpsotzwjxws.jpg
 photo IMG_20170424_095211_zpswsvno8mx.jpg
 photo IMG_20170424_095300_zpspamsgleb.jpg
 photo IMG_20170424_095506_zpsd5vo1x6a.jpg
 photo IMG_20170424_100003_zpsoewwca3m.jpg

 photo IMG_20170303_105212_zpswsac9hwu.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105512_zpss15pjz5g.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105539_zpsyqnl8ojn.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105546_zpsf0udkmtg.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105615_zpshbmqx8pp.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105850_zpsqyajesvt.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105913_zpsfg8lg75d.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105922_zpsq9mo1gf5.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105929_zpsremwsovg.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_110005_zpsyujmnvpt.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_112614_zpsdxpm6vnh.jpg

 photo IMG_20170303_104623_zpspdoxy1vo.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_104653_zpsn7wz9kn1.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_104704_zpspetuobpz.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_104730_zpsg2pbfiuh.jpg
 photo IMG_20170303_105136_zpsvvaqx44b.jpg

 photo 1486480098498_zpsielp1xvr.gif
 photo IMG_20170207_170519_zps2d0ct9nw.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_170523_zpsczbmtamk.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_170528_zpsbheelcti.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_170534_zpstzajoeo6.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_170538_zpsnqoa0vyb.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_170543_zpsb8e89zdo.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_170554_zpsdy2xv254.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_171123_zpsal1ai1kc.jpg

 photo IMG_20170207_171139_zpsdeoqmmhu.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_171212_zpsthokn8yj.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_171227_zpsysr56l4f.jpg
 photo IMG_20170207_171239_zps7mn5h4o0.jpg

Just started a 6mm Sci-Fi (Eldar) army.


 photo IMG_20170107_170617_zps7qykejsx.jpg
 photo IMG_20170107_170700_zpspdrnmckx.jpg
 photo IMG_20170107_170719_zpsutebqvcm.jpg
 photo IMG_20170107_170751_zpslr8awzfr.jpg

Just completed the Revell 1/32 Colonial Viper with the Micrografix cockpit and some LED’s to light it up.


 photo IMG_20170106_154149_zps5n5fyxug.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154235_zpsa1w5tuj1.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154505_zpsruqrvc4q.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154647_zpsdvmbo7eq.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154823_zpsysnyzfqm.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_154912_zpsafek5mdi.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_155208_zpscm8h1njl.jpg
 photo IMG_20170106_155256_zpshgamezij.jpg

This is the picture gallery for my entry into the Flory Models 4 day ‘Turkey Shoot’ group build.
These are ALL the pictures (loads) scroll through the the end for the 5 pictures of the completed model.

Just completed, the Hobby Boss 1/72 scale F-84E Thunderjet:

There’s not a lot in the box, but it is very well packaged:

Two marking options are provided:-

I’m going to go with the checkered pattern even though I don’t believe placing the decals will be easy ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ll do the build on Thursday, I don’t think it will take very long and I will complete the paint job and decals  once I get home.

The build was simple enough just needed to paint the cockpit interior to start with

Gloss black prime

Silver and green applied…

…and yellow in the wheel wells

Making a start with the decals – lots of Micro Sol

Top view – and more Micro Sol

Once the all the decals had been properly bedded down and various imperfections had been touched-in a liberal coat of Flory Models Dark Dirt wash was applied and left to fully dry

The wash was polished off with slightly damp paper towel and the panel lines pop out

In all this was to be a ‘nice quick build’, the application of the decals took ten times as long as the kit assembly did! But enjoyable never the less. 

The photos came out well and managed not to reveal most of the flaws in the decals ๐Ÿ˜‰